Best Valentines Day gifts for women: Valentine presents for moms, girlfriends and wives

Did you put off Valentine's Day for your gal? Now at the last minute, Feb. 14, you grab chocolates and flowers. Sorry guys, thanks for the thought, but boring. Here are frugal, thoughtful Valentine gifts for women--wife, mom, girlfriend--that will delight. Use for women's birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day gifts.

First what not to buy: candy (she may be dieting and it's
impersonal), bouquet of flowers (she may have allergies, it's also impersonal, they die quickly), sexy lingerie (unless you know her size FOR SURE, you'll either get it too small or too big. Both cause seven levels of drama), stuffed animals or other stupid tchotchkis (childish, impersonal), sex toys (unless she specifically asked for a vibrator, it's just a bad idea).

Also avoid anything that represents work. Women work all the time. So you get her a waffle iron--oh how nice. She can jump right up and go make everyone waffles. Seriously, guys, would you want a weed whacker for Valentine's Day? On heart day, women need to be pampered.

How about a spa Valentine's Day gift, suggested the Christian Science Monitor Feb. 13. Women love long soaks in a hot tub. If you can't afford to treat your woman to a spa day, no problem. Make a spa kit. Include any or all of the following: plush bathrobe, slippers, spa head wrap, eye patch, loofah sponge, back scrubbing brush, wooden massage beads, body scrubber, natural sponge, spa scrubbing gloves, bath pillow, neck roll, bath oil, bath salts, spa mud face mask and of course, cucumbers for eyes.

Bed. Bath and Beyond carries the above spa supplies and bath tub caddie. This metal or wooden rack attaches to the side of the tub. The bath book holder has an easel to hold her book upright. There's a special holders wine glass, candle, flower vase and a surface for spa treats. Remember to include a wine glass, bottle of wine (or tea mug and favorite tea), fresh rose bud (you may give one), chocolates (just a couple) and a copy of the newest book by her favorite author.

You will win that special woman's heart with this gift from the heart.

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